The Brief: Which Company Has the Top Internship? Hint: Rhymes With Schmoogle

The Internship

Hope you had a swanky internship over the summer college seniors (or one currently) because they still seem to be the best way to help you land your dream job. Today released its 2017 Internship Rankings, highlighting the top programs in 13 categories, including the Most Prestigious Internships, the Best Overall Internships, the programs offering the best Quality of Life and Career Development, and the best industry-specific internships. Vault surveyed more than 11,000 current and former interns from more than 100 employers over the summer. Google, Apple, Facebook, Goldman Sachs & Co and Microsoft nabbed the top five spots.  Tara McCaffrey, VP of Marketing at, said “Companies are looking to recruit top talent before they graduate college and are using internships as the best way to assess potential employees. At the same time, college students view internships as the best way to test drive their chosen career path.” The study also revealed that more than half of internships resulted in a full-time job offer, 98 percent of respondents surveyed had paid internships, and two-thirds  of respondents interned as juniors or seniors in college. Find out more here. 

Chow Time

With Oct. 16 being World Food Day and Americans spending more money at food establishments than at grocery stores in 2015, the personal-finance website WalletHub took a close look at 2016’s Best & Worst Foodie Cities. WalletHub compared the 150 most populated cities across 21 key metrics, ranging from “cost of groceries” to “affordability and accessibility of high-quality restaurants” to “number of food festivals per capita.”  If you are a foodie I hope you live in Orlando, Portland, Miami, Tampa or San Fran. The study found that Laredo, Texas, has the lowest grocery cost index, 79, which is two times lower than in Honolulu, the city with the highest, 158.9. Orlando, Fla., has the most restaurants per 100,000 residents, 1,176.38, which is 9.8 times more than in Santa Clarita, Calif., the city with the fewest, 120.09. Portland, Ore., has the most coffee and tea shops per 100,000 residents, 103.92, which is 29.5 times more than in Laredo, Texas, the city with the fewest, 3.52.

Fist Pump

Feeling angry? Planning on going to the gym after work to help blow off some steam? You may want to reconsider. New research published in the Heart Association journal Circulation found that when 12,461 heart attack patients were surveyed, roughly one in seven people had been angry or upset, or reported physical exertion in the hour leading up to the event. People were three times more likely to have heart attacks after they’d had angry feelings and participated in a strenuous activity during that same 60-minute window. You may think you are getting rid of the stress while boxing your heart out, but that kind of activity and a high emotional level can then raise your blood pressure and heart rate. So maybe if you have a bad day at work just go to a bar and drink off your anger. OK that’s probably not the best advice either. Talk about it with a friend and then go hit the punching bag.

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Levo Loves…

International Day of the Girl and the launch of #ActuallySheCan Mentorship program celebrating the power of women helping other women and providing young women with empowering advice on careers, relationships, health, and more. For launch, world-renowned fashion photography duo Inez and Vinoodh have created portraits of five, inspirational high-profile women alongside their female mentors or mentees — namely, Gabby Douglas and her sister; Gabourey Sidibe and Lisa Cortes (award winning producer of Precious), Chloe Grace Moretz and her mother; Iman and Bethann Hardison (fashion pioneer and activist), Amanda de Cadenet and her daughter Atlanta.  Check out the campaign here. 


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The Brief: Millennials Are Obsessed With Vegetables and It’s Hurting Meat’s Feelings

Veggie Power

It used to be all about the meat. Going out for a nice steak dinner was pretty much the way to celebrate anything, but thanks to millennial power soon you will be celebrating with a nice cauliflower steak. Though growing up vegetables were the enemies (how gross did I think brussels sprouts were as a kid? Now I search for restaurants with them!) they are now the main dish. Literally. Christine Keller, director of trend practice at CCD Innovation, told Vogue that root-vegetable presence on menus is up 46.7 percent in the past year and millennials are all about this green movement. According to The Observer, millennials have shown that they really care about what they are eating and how it is grown, which means they want good vegetables (as well as those over the top milkshakes but that’s a different story.) How else do you think it became the law for kale to replace lettuce? And because young people now actually know their moms weren’t lying to them when they said veggies would make them strong, meat is on the decline. After all, thousands of people signed a petition for In-N-Out burger to start serving vegetarian options and that is a BURGER CHAIN. I mean, it’s in the title. Times, they are a changing.

Wholier Than Thou Foods

But you may want to save the healthy eating just for cauliflower steak houses because shopping for pricey, super healthy organic food all the time may make you a bad person. According to a study recently published in the Harvard Business Review, there is a phenomenon called “moral licensing,” which is the idea that when acting morally (like buying some fair trade items) you can then be excused for being immoral later. One 2010 study found that people who chose to buy environmentally-sound products were more inclined to later cheat on a test. Whoa! All you did was buy an organic window cleaner! Another study from 2006 found that people who just imagined themselves behaving generously were more likely to participate in indulgent shopping over buying something they actually needed. So the moral of the story is don’t think you are so great for brining your tote bags from home to buy manuka honey from Whole Foods because later you may find yourself pulling a bank job.

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Today is Columbus Day! Except as far as I can tell nothing seems to be closed except for the banks (Starbucks is open so you can relax) and most people do appear to be working so this is kind of a bum holiday even though it is kind of a big deal. If some Italian guy hadn’t stolen land from the Native Americans a really long time ago none of us would be sitting here today eating Smore’s donuts. Anyway, Happy Columbus Day! Here is a list of everything that is open and closed today. 

Levo Loves…

National Correspondent for Inside Edition Megan Alexander’s new book Faith in the Spotlight. It’s chalk full of great career advice!  On sale now!

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How to Rock Your Creative Brainstorm

How To Rock Your Creative Brainstorm

Your hear the familiar ‘ping’ of your email inbox, click to read your new message and see a meeting request: ‘Team Brainstorm.’ Depending on your personality type, this might fill you with enthusiasm or dread.

The walls have come down in traditional workspaces giving way to open-plan layouts and collaborative working, and formal meeting rooms have been replaced with informal ‘breakout’ spaces, but the brainstorm session has stood fast by its tried-and-tested roots. But just how effective are these spitballing sessions? Isn’t it the case that she-who-shouts-loudest is the only voice to be heard? It’s a scenario where extroverts shine and introverts remain an untapped well of potential ideas.

If the objective is to inspire innovation and stimulate creativity, maybe it’s time to shake-up the brainstorm formula. Here are three methods you can try to rock your creative brainstorm:

1. The full attention approach

In her book Time to Think, Nancy Kline says that the “quality of our thinking, depends on the way we treat each other while we are thinking”. She champions ten components that can create a thinking environment. The magic 10 includes listening with full attention–and without interruption, giving participants equal turns to play thinker, encouraging diversity of thinking, and an environment of ease, without rush or urgency.

In an environment where people typically try to ‘fill the silence’ and where extroverts contribute readily to the exclusion of their introverted peers, the thinking environment is quite a cultural shift. The brainstorm leader poses a question and then hands the baton to the next person in the round, with each person taking their equal turn to share their best thinking and all ideas respected.

2. The mindful approach 

The benefits of practicing mindful meditation have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and to help people cope with depression. The technique is based on the idea of being aware of thoughts and feelings in the present moment using breathing and meditation principles, slowing the internal chatter enough to allow new clarity of thought.

First, simply practice the technique. Gather the team in a new environment–let participants first be mindful of the space around them, taking note of their surroundings using all the senses. What can they hear? See? What textures are around them? How do they feel? Encourage people to keep the present moment their focus–that every time their mind wanders, they come back to the here and now.  Once the pace has slowed, encourage physical movement, possibly getting the team to walk around and introduce a brainstorm topic, allowing them the time to focus and notice what thoughts, ideas and feelings bubble up to the surface. Then bring the team back together to share their individual insights, so the whole team has had an input and feels ‘invested’ in the pool of solutions and ideas.

3. The new angle approach

Step into someone else’s shoes. A coaching tool that’s often applied to problem-solving and conflict resolution is getting an individual to see a situation from another person’s perspective.  When a team participates in a brainstorm, they will–although subconsciously–be thinking within the boundaries and limitations of the company as they know it. Shake it up by introducing a new angle to the brainstorm. Once you’ve exhausted the initial stream of ideas, pose the challenge from thinking in the shoes of another company. Choose a company known for innovation–for example, “what would Apple do?” Choose a competitor. Choose a celebrity.  In looking at a problem through fresh eyes, the team will be accessing the creativity part of their brain and, ultimately, new ideas will magically flow.

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The Brief: You May Be Surprised What Your Boss Thinks is a Good Reason To Call in Sick

Sick Day

This is a little surprising and also really refreshing. Though plenty of people go to work when they are sick (which is actually really bad) some people do call in sick and their bosses are actually very understanding. And a new survey out of England may surprise you in terms of what a boss considers a good reason to stay home. One UK healthcare company asked 1,000 senior business leaders to rank the most reasonable excuses to call in sick. Flu, back pain and injury from an accident took the top three spots but stress came in at No. 4 and depression and anxiety were 6th and 7th. With so much stigma against mental illness this is really impressive. And for all you migraine sufferers you should know that it took the No. 9 spot. However employees may still have trouble sharing their mental issues.  The research found that  “staff are more likely to lie if they need time off for mental health issues than they are for physical problems.”

She’s So Nasty

Last weekend a few Levo staffers were lucky enough to attend Brit & Co’s Re: Make 2016 conference where we got to see Nasty Gal founder and #Girlboss author Sophia Amoruso speak. The entrepreneur was talking about her brand new book, Nasty Galaxy, a colorful and artistic collection of photos, stories that have influenced her brand and profiles on other girl bosses including Gwyneth Paltrow and Audrey Gelman. “‘Nasty Galaxy’ is like a life bible of my influences,” she said in an interview. “Profiles on badass women… are mixed in with mini essays on everything from really embarrassing moments to my musings on love, networking and more. It’s really eclectic — any page will surprise you.” We also loved what she said at Re: Make about the Nasty Gal ethos: “Getting dressed is a ritual we all do every morning and there isn’t a reason we shouldn’t feel good about that. I don’t think that’s shallow. It’s getting dressed to take on your day and hopefully being the best dressed girl in the room.” Sounds good to us.


Though we recently wrote about the importance of having a bag that equips you to get through your day whether that be because it holds comfortable flats, snacks or the constitution (you know it #RBG) but designers are now getting a bit out of hand when it comes to size. After last season’s tiny micro bags it now seems that bigger is the way to go. You can’t even call these purses. These are just really nice hockey equipment bags. You know Reese Witherspoon’s bag “Monster” in Wild? Yeah, that was smaller. Seriously check out these bags from the Celine and Marni Spring 2017 runways. Go home and start lifting weights because soon enough these are the bags The Gap and H&M will be selling. On the plus side you will be able to carry everything you need for the entire month week and an impromptu post-work camping trip. As a bag lady myself I am actually somewhat pleased, but I will be super disappointed if they don’t have Mary Poppins-like powers.

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Levo Loves…

Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte anniversary! To celebrate Starbucks’s 13-year-old drink they will be doling out free PSL-flavored whip cream to all PSL beverages starting today through Oct.9. if that’s a little much for you (guess you hate fall), you can just add the PSL cream to any regular drink too but it will be less magical.

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Living Alone on an Entry-Level Salary

12 Millennials Reveal How They Live Alone on Less Than $40,000 a Year

Living alone when you’re fresh out of college may seem impossible with that entry-level salary and the influx of new bills of adulthood, but plenty of recent graduates are hacking a way their way to independence. After all, having a space to walk around in your skivvies, free of roommate drama and friends pillaging your leftovers is priceless. So how do these Millennials do it? That’s where Levo comes in. We asked readers from New York City to Nashville who make less than $40,000 a year to tell us how they stretch their hard-earned dollars to afford a solo sanctuary that they can call home. Read on to move into some square footage of your own:

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Brooklyn, N.Y. “I was an NBC Universal Page when I moved to New York City.  I don’t like sharing my personal space, so living alone was the perfect option for me.  To save money, I chose not to live in Manhattan and found my Bedford Stuyvesant studio on Craigslist.  During the first few months of living in Brooklyn, I had to be frugal with my spending.  Don’t be afraid of paid overtime to help stretch your funds. Not only will you make extra money, but you can also get further ahead in your career by showing your enthusiasm to work.  Once your bills are paid, look for free parties and happy hours for socializing.”  —Keith, 25, music programming

Knoxville, Tenn. “After I graduated from college, I moved into my own apartment in Knoxville, Tenn. and started a job in the fashion industry. One tip that helped me maintain my finances is the envelope trick. Put all your money in designated envelopes in order to stay on time with your bills.  Also, take measures to save money by cutting off utilities when you leave your home for long periods of time. Adjust your thermostat, remove all your plugs, and turn off the lights to make sure you’re saving where you can.”  —Courtney, 26, social media optimization specialist and fashion blogger

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Washington, D.C. “I saw leaving my parents’ home as a chance to establish complete independence. It felt surreal to get my keys in-hand to my very own apartment.  My advice would be to have friends over and split the cost for wine, rather than going out all the time. I stick strictly with happy hours for spur-of-the moment hangouts and plan more costly hangouts in advance.  I wish someone would have told me how quickly money spends on “wants.” Clothes, makeup and Starbucks that aren’t living expenses added up for me almost faster than I could count.  Be mindful of overspending on these things. Even though it will be difficult, I suggest living alone as an experiment in maturity. As soon as you can, seek opportunities for promotion at your current job or look for new ones. After I got my feet wet with this first experience, I was able to calculate my ideal salary that would allow me to live comfortably. When I landed my next job, I was able to increase my salary by about $15,000, which made a huge difference.”  Crystal, 25, media strategist

Los Angeles “I was an editorial assistant when I lived alone in North Hollywood in Los Angeles.  I loved living alone because roommates were too much drama. Living alone was a bit lonely at times, but now that I live in New York City with a roommate, I wish someone would have told me to enjoy my freedom.  My best advice is to figure out where your money goes and figure out how to cut cost in that area. In Los Angeles, gas was the most expensive part of my spending.  To save money, I took the bus and carpooled as much as possible.” —Mary, 31, marketing associate

Atlanta “I am an only child so I don’t live well with other people. I took on three jobs as I entered my graduate school program in Atlanta. To keep up with my bills, I set up automatic payments to ensure my bills were paid on time.  My mother has always taught me to make sure I save at least three months worth of expenses for back up just incase I ever lose my job or had an emergency.  Make sure to have a savings to survive a couple months without falling in a hole.”  —Jasmine, 25, paraprofessional

Brooklyn, N.Y. “When deciding to live alone, start off with as little debt as possible.  You are going to need a lot of credit for emergencies, so credit card debt will not work.  If you are looking for additional funds to have for socializing, try working a part-time job or start a side hustle monetizing one of your passions.” —Andrew, 26, audiovisual technician

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Atlanta “Living alone is such a liberating experience! I did the roommate thing throughout college, so this was my chance to step out and have a place of my own. I’d say one of the biggest things I sacrificed was eating out all the time. I had to cook more, which saved me a lot of money. As a result of me cooking, I brought my lunch to work as well as my coffee. I also didn’t go shopping as much and when I did, I looked for deals. I’d treat myself every now and then, but I made sure it was within my budget before I swiped my card.”  —Kandra, 26, mortgage loan coordinator

Nashville “I live alone in Nashville, Tenn. but as the growing popularity of Music City brings more Millennials to the city the more rent increases every year.  One thing that helps me is having tangible money to spend.  I can see and count it, which keeps me within my budget instead of over swiping my card.  I also used Pinterest to find cheap ways to make cleaning products and other home goods, and I thrift to save money on clothes.” —Terranise, 25, support coach

New York City “I am a recent graduate who lives alone because I had no choice.  My parents live on the west coast and I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone.  My advice is to learn to say no to going out sometimes.  Going out for dinners and drinks is by far the biggest part of my budget and that will drain your bank account really fast.  Also, if you’re in a position where your parents can help you out, be open and honest with them about your needs and their expectations from you.” —Taryn, 23, publicity/production page

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Berkeley, Calif.  “I moved to Berkeley for my graduate program and worked several jobs for income.  I used my fellowship and stipend to help with the cost of a studio not far from the school, where I could take the bus using the student pass or bike to class.  My best is advice is not to be afraid to adapt to a new lifestyle. The biggest thing is that you are in charge of everything and it’s up to you to find out where your money is coming from and how you spend it. helped me keep track of how I was spending my money each month.  It’s like an online checkbook and you put in your budget and how much you want to spend in different categories.” —Spencer, 25, editorial assistant

Tampa, Fla. “Don’t let your salary limit you from truly living how you want to. Invest your money in things that are going to benefit you. I love kickboxing, so one of my bills is for a boxing gym membership. Although it’s an extra bill, I’m investing in living an active lifestyle. I make sure I have a social life and I refuse to let my salary define my lifestyle. However, there is nothing wrong with having discipline in your spending. Take advantage of Groupon deals, coupons and ways to cut costs online. It really helps!” —Alexandria, 25, member relations associate

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Chicago “I wish someone would have told me the joys of living alone.  I was excited to have a studio in the city, but my public relations fellowship made it challenging. In order to balance my finances and social life, I limited what I agreed to do with friends, and I only went for drinks and meals places that had special food and drink deals on certain days.” —Stacia, 27, marketing communications associate

Photo: Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images

15 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Through the Day

15 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Through the Day

As you start bracing yourself for colder days, you may start to notice a relationship between the drop in temperature and the dwindling of your motivation to get things done. The warm confines of your bed juxtaposed with the frigid air has you putting a pause on the whole “seize the day” thing, amirite? Well, don’t let yourself fall into the winter rut (it’s not even November!). Instead, let these quotes inspire you to get up and own your day.

1.”The path to your success is not as fixed and inflexible as you think.” —Misty Copeland

2. “I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than the things I haven’t done.” —Lucille Balle

3. “Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that.” —Ellen DeGeneres

4. “The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.” —Barbara Corcoran

5. “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” —Steve Jobs

6. “I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.”” —Emma Watson

7. “In moments of uncertainty, when you must choose between two paths, allowing yourself to be overcome by either the fear of failure or the dimly lit light of possibility, immerse yourself in the life you would be most proud to live.” —Adam Braun

8. “Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Risk being seen in all of your glory.” —Jim Carrey

9. “It’s always a sign that I should do something if it scares me.” —Natalie Portman

10. “Life sometimes brings enormous difficulties and challenges that seem just too hard to bear. But bear them you can, and bear them you will, and your life can have a purpose.” —Barbara Walters

11. “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. “—Amelia Earhart

12. “l encourage women to step up. Don’t wait for someone to ask you.” —Reese Witherspoon

13. “Your critics do not count. Their words will fade. You won’t.” —Justin Timberlake

14. “There are so many great things in life; why dwell on negativity?” —Zendaya

15. “You gotta have style. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it you’re nobody. And I’m not talking about a lot of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

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The Brief: This is the Music You Need If You Want To Bond With Your Coworkers

Lighten Up

Studies have shown that playing music in an office can bond coworkers, but it should be noted that the type of music you play is very important. Heavy metal probably isn’t the way to go, but luckily some scientists came up with an exact list for what you should play for peak bonding to commence at the office and also productivity. The study was led by Kevin Kniffin of Cornell University and involved mimicking an office environment and by having student volunteers listen to one of two different types of music:  Either upbeat, happy music (researchers chose the “Happy Days” theme song, “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison, “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles)  or unhappy, non-rhythmic music. Not surprisingly, the happy music proved to be more effective. “Participants who listened to happy music were more likely to cooperate, regardless of their age, gender, or academic major, than those who listened to unhappy music,” reports Greater Good. The happy music also led to more collaboration. We’re not saying you have to play the Annie soundtrack, but your office playlist should definitely be more SoulCycle than sitting in a dark room by yourself music.

Image result for the office dancing gifs

Camelot Rises

The first teaser trailer for the new Jackie Kennedy biopic, Jackie, starring Natalie Portman is finally here and it is spectacular. A lot of great actresses have played this iconic former First Lady, but it looks like Portman really nails the look and the accent (which is why she is already getting Oscar buzz.)  The film starts with the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and then the difficult aftermath of her grief and finally resilience all under the scrutiny of the media and public. In addition to Portman, the film stars Greta Gerwig as Nancy Tuckerman, Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy, and John Hurt as a priest Jackie confides in throughout the film. “[The set] was really playful and improvisatory, and I think [the film] allows us to see many different sides of her,” Portman  told EW of Jackie’s production. “[We see] the toughness of who she was, dealing with what she had to go through while keeping herself together for the sake of the country and her family, and also the vulnerability and the intelligence of how she really crafted [JFK’s] legacy.” The film hits theaters on Dec. 2. Watch the trailer here. 

It’s Coming!

There are some major benefits of living in a city. The best museums, entertainment venues and night life. But there are some downsides too. Overall grossness, crowds, and tiny living spaces (well, maybe that’s just New York.) Plus, if you grew up in a suburb like me then one thing that is really lacking in city life is, of course, the local Target. Now, yes, as a New Yorker I have access to some of the best stores, fashion and food in the world but do any of them sell underwear as well as Brunch Candy Corn? Umm only in my dreams. And luckily the people behind Target agree as the brand is now making a major move with smaller boutique stores in cities like New York (in Tribeca specifically) in hopes of reaching more city-dwelling millennials instead of just the suburban crowd. These new Targets are only 45,000 square feet (about one-third the size of a typical Target so less chance of getting separated from your friend.) Compared to a Super Target, which are basically the size of Ohio, that is very small, but the perfect size to not overwhelm a New Yorker who lives in a 300 foot studio. Target has planned store openings in 2016, 2017, and 2018 in 30 new locations that are small and in college towns or heavily populated urban areas.

Levo Loves…

Executive Coach and Levo friend MJ Ryan’s new and super helpful book Habit Changers: 81 Game-Changing Mantras to Mindfully Realize Your Goals. Buy it now!

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The Brief: Looks Like Millennials Don’t Mind Getting the Flu


Not planning on getting a flu shot this fall? You are probably a millennial. A survey conducted in September by Harris Poll on behalf of CityMD, an urgent-care-center network, found that 52 percent of millennials don’t plan on getting the flu shot during this year’s influenza season.  Now nearly 50 percent said they don’t trust that the vaccine will prevent them from getting the flu but the real reason is the cost. After all they are facing more student debt than any other generation so what is a few bad days where you get to take NyQuil with your wine?  However, they should know that Costco charges $14.99 for a flu shot, Walgreens starts at $31.99, and CVS charges $39.99. And if you compare this to the cost of a pack of over the counter flu symptom relief, which is about $24, does this really make sense? Plus, missing out on work costs your company a lot of money in sick days. Just saying.

So Friggin’ Fetch

It is finally happening. First it seemed like a dream, and then it became more real but still really, really far off but now the Mean Girls musical is actually happening. It has an opening date and everything. The Mean Girls musical by Tina Fey will be premiering next October 3rd (AKA Mean Girls Day) in Washington D.C. You go Glen Coco! And according to a follow-up Tweet there is a possibility that there will be a song called “You Can’t Sit With Us” and “The Limit Does Not Exist.” All my dreams are coming true!


But now they are all crashing down. Everyone knows that Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons are like magic. They just appear in your mail and never, ever expire and if your mom loves you she gives you 20 every time you visit. I have literally bought nice vacuums for $10 because of coupons. But that may all end now. According to The Washington Post, in 2015, the company reported that these coupons caused a profit loss of $202 million (which isn’t really surprising) but this means they could cut the coupons. It’s going to roll out a loyalty program to test out how devoted its customers are which is what businesses often do to see if people really love them or not (like Chipotle with Chipotopia to see if those wimps people would come back after that little E.Coli bout.) As much as my insatiable curiosity about the Beyond portion of the store keeps me coming back, those coupons are a big part of it as well so I hope they keep them.

Image result for bed bath and beyond gifs

Levo Loves…

Teachers!!! Happy World Teacher’s Day!

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Millennials Confess Their Self-Care Habits

10 Millennials Confess Their Secret Self-Care Habits

ICYMI, the adult coloring book craze was kind of a thing this summer. CBS News even reported that “grown-up activity books,” which help adults de-stress and unplug from their busy lives, have already cracked several top spots on Amazon’s best-seller lists. It’s solid evidence that when the going gets tough, the tough get going—and like to indulge in a little self-care, quirky as their method of choice may be.

While there are definitely some common threads in how we deal with stress (hey Netflix, hi Seamless), taking care of yourself is really about finding what works for you as an individual. Need some new material? Take a cue from these ten 20-somethings, who were happy to confess their own self-care habits:

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1. A mani, a pedi, and silly TV. “I like to give myself manicures and pedicures. It’s pretty inexpensive for the supplies, I’m good at it, and it makes me feel better when my nails look nice. This is usually done while watching a silly TV show, like Bob’s Burgers, The IT Crowd, or 30 Rock. I’ve seen every episodes of those shows a million times, so it’s comforting background noise while I concentrate on my nails!” —Brandi, 25

2. Running, meditation (and sometimes a beer). “It depends on my general mood, but if a day or week has been particularly long, I have a few things I like to do to calm me down. Usually a run is a good way to start off—it lets me be alone to gather my thoughts and take out some frustration. Then when I’m exhausted, I’ll usually put on a record and drink a beer. I also like to do a little meditation. Centering myself and clearing my mind reminds me of all the good things in life.” —Josh, 21

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3. Bubble baths. “When I really need to mentally detox, I revert back to my toddler days and take a nice, long, steaming hot bath. I light a ton of candles, turn on one of those ‘Evening Chill’ Spotify stations, and soak myself until I get nice and pruny. My muscles feel totally relaxed afterward, and I feel noticeably calmer too. To top things off, I’ll make a cup of hot water and lemon to sip on right before bed.” —Elizabeth, 27 

4. Sweatpants and pop songs. “After a long day, I like to put on my ugliest sweatpants, pour a glass of whiskey, and play League of Legends while listening to my favorite pop songs. If I’m lucky, my cat will join the party and come cuddle on my lap.” —Kinsey, 23

5. Something, anything active. “After a long day of sitting at my desk, I try to deal with my stress by getting out and doing something active. I like to go on a run, head to the lake to kayak, or even just go to a yoga class if it’s been a particularly stressful week. I feel like being able to work off the stress is the best way for me to deal with it.” —Jen, 24

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6. Gossip (gasp!). “When I’m feeling particularly upset or just blah, I tend to indulge in gossip. I know it’s not the nicest form of self-care, but it helps me feel better about my life when I know no one else has their sh*t together either. Talking with my friends about other people’s lives also allows me to take a step back and see the bigger picture; it gets me out of my head in order to recenter and refocus my priorities.” —Hayley, 21

7. Cleaning and coffee—and donuts. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve de-stressed by doing some of the things I hated doing when I was younger. Cleaning of any kind, laundry, and being in the kitchen seem to take my mind off things and make me feel a lot better. But my favorite bit of self-care is a cup of coffee and a dozen donuts. Everything in life is better with coffee and donuts.” —Hunter, 22

8. A nice, long drive. “I’ll usually watch a couple episodes of The Office when I get home, and then I’ll play guitar for a couple of hours. Sometimes, if I’m really stressed, I’ll take a drive at night and just crank the music and go around town.” —Wes, 22

9. Sibling bonding time. “One of my best forms of self-care is taking a walk with my sister. I’m able to tell her about my week, we both get a little exercise in, and it’s a great form of bonding.” —Nino, 25

10. Cooking up some comfort food. “Because I run a startup, downtime is difficult to come by. Even when I get home ‘from work,’ there are still emails to catch up on or something I can do to get ahead for the next day. I’ve become really good at mixing work with relaxing time on weeknight evenings. I’ll watch Gossip Girl reruns (Blaire is my evil twin) while making a list of priorities for the week, or I’ll catch up on the news while a lasagna bakes. Cooking definitely calms me!” —Kaylen, 24

Photo: Tom Merton/ Getty Images


The Brief: This is the Real Reason You Love “Hocus Pocus” So Much

Head of the Board

Here is another reason for having more women on boards. New research finds that women elected to corporate boards tend to have more experience in risk management and human resources than their male counterparts. The findings, collected by Daehyun Kim, assistant professor of accounting at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, found that female board members were likely to bring a half-dozen skills important to decision making that weren’t well-represented on their boards before their arrival: such as risk management, human resources, sustainability, politics or government, regulatory or compliance, and corporate governance. Kim focused on smaller companies, the S&P SmallCap 600, because there is less gender diversity in smaller companies, he says. But according to his research, he says, similar results can be seen on boards of the largest 1,500 public companies in the U.S. Hmm interesting.

Party Time

Somehow we have already made it to October which means we are just around the corner from the holiday rush. This means lots of parties, themed drinks, gift giving, seeing friends and family, and, of course, eating my body weight in Candy Corn a ton. So it makes sense that according to this depressing study you are probably the thinnest you will be all year at this very moment because it’s that weird time where pie doesn’t follow every meal. But that will all change very soon and the holiday weight will come on strong. “Anything that happens in these next 10 weeks, on average, takes about five months to come off,” said Prof. Brian Wansink of Cornell’s business school. “Whether it be office parties, whether it be receptions, whether it be your friends’ parties, or it could be you just buying a lot of stuff and eating while you’re preparing things, there’s this real ramp up to almost every holiday,” His suggestion? Make an October resolution instead of a New Year’s one. But we all know that will only last for one week before we are watching a Bachelorette marathon and eating Sour Straws.

Two Thumbs Up

I won’t lie. I’ve seen some pretty dumb movies in my time. In fact, I call some of the dumbest movies my favorites (umm Sorority Boys is a cinematic gem.) And though I tell everyone my favorite film is Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal, I no longer have to lie and hide in shame according to a new study. Published in the journal Poetics, it turns out some of the smartest people really love dumb movies. Basically educated people love a good hate-watch screening and appreciate the irony of a really terribly made film. How else do you think camp films make it? Was The Shallows actually a good movie? No, Blake Lively used her BaubleBar necklace to stitch up a shark bite on her leg, but that is so ridiculous it is enjoyable! So next time someone criticizes you for thinking Hocus Pocus was not magnificent (also why has not that been on every day? It’s October 4th TV people?!)  you know that they are just suffering from lack of intelligence or just don’t appreciate Bette Midler in her prime and that’s just wrong.

Image result for hocus pocus gifs

Levo Loves…

This schedule I found of all the times Hocus Pocus will be on. Look! Another glorious morning afternoon!

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